Tuesday, December 16, 2008

.... right there waiting for u

I may not mean a word to you,
but you mean a world to me.
What if u dont care a bit
and have been rude to me.

I have forgot the respect of self
Oh dear !! , such is your love
U may thrash me thousand times
But I will always be a dove.

I killed my ego for ur sake only
how can I leave u in this world lonely
The day I realise u dont need me anymore
I myself
will walk out of the door.

The single reason I have been in your life
even after losing u  hundred times
coz' my love for u is pure like ur eyes
It doesnt care if I suffer and my love survives

What is my folly I never know
I will change myself just let me know
To win ur love once in a lifetime
I will live and die thousand times

I do have faith only in you
the day u realise how much I love you
you will also strive for me
And I will be right there waiting for u.